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Meet the team

We’re not ashamed to say it – our team are the best. These lovely people below are the ones who keep our customers happy and coming back, day after day, year after year.

Tim ashton, managing director

Tim's the one who makes it all happen! Since founding Mole with Nicola back in 1999, Tim's skills have extended from camera work through web programming and far beyond, as he looks after our largest clients. The one with all the answers, there’s never a quiet moment for Tim. He's our strategic technical guru, advising and guiding clients and the team alike. He runs large web projects, looks after our largest customers, directs live video shoots and is even sometimes found behind a camera. Tim makes all the important decision in the business, from contracts and investments through to our choice of biscuits. To add to all of this, Tim has a Diploma in Digital Marketing and is a CAA qualified drone pilot. 



Nicola's main role at Mole is digital strategy - she delights in working with clients to help determine their direction and goals, and to find the right strategy to make it happen. Expert in digital marketing strategy delivery, Nicola helps clients to grow and find new audiences. Nicola's murky past in broadcast journalism stands her in good stead producing and interviewing, copywriting or getting to the nub of new topics. These days Nicola is also our queen of e-learning - with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh, she's well placed to help clients develop online learning that really works. Nicola is also a lively public speaker, talking on topics as diverse as social media, search engine optimisation and e-learning.


Emily Edwards – Video Production Manager

Emily runs Mole's busy video production team, and a calmer pair of hands on location you'll be hard-pressed to find. Whether planning or running a shoot, interviewing on camera or putting together the edit, Emily is the friendly face our clients love to work with. Having worked on everything from multi-camera live shoots to large scale training videos, Emily knows what works on video and how to make it happen. Just to make sure she's never left with a spare minute, Emily is also our expert on digital marketing, with a diploma to her name.


Michele Davis – Digital Development Manager

Michele is a multi-talented, multi-tasking marvel. She’s an expert project manager who takes the largest and most complex projects in her stride, delivering on time and on budget. She’s also our front-end development hero and the queen of all things whizzy. Whether it's building a responsive website, creating a medical animation or designing our fancier systems, Michele does it all with flair. She's unflappable under pressure and runs many of our large web projects, making good friends with her clients along the way. Michele brings an experienced eye to planning large web systems and is never happier than when she's found a way to do things which a client will love.


Tracey Rickwood – Head of Design

Tracey is our design queen - the one who makes everything look beautiful! She brings the flair and style to Mole's websites, and can turn her hand to anything from websites to posters, creating video graphics, logos and animations along the way. Tracey is also our UX and UI expert, making sure our websites are designed to create fabulous user journeys and experiences. Tracey also runs web projects, looks after clients, builds fabulous responsive HTML and generally makes each project a success.


Jack Rose – Front End Developer

Jack is something of a technical genius. Able to turn his hand to anything from building websites to helping clients fix email problems, he’s the man you want around when you’re stuck! Jack looks after some of our favourite customers day-to-day, running and updating large websites and making sure that we’re keeping the clients’ digital strategies moving forward. He’s the epitome of calm and never short of a suggestion on how to find a clever solution  to tricky problems.


Dean Rigler – Senior Web Developer

Dean leads our technical development team, working on bespoke web system development for our customers. You'll meet Dean helping to plan your systems, building new elements for your website, and creating the wizardry which makes our web developments so clever. Dean has worked on everything from e-commerce to e-learning, and brings experience, logic and a cool head to everything he works on


Jeff Long – Web Developer

Jeff brings to our team a wealth of experience in developing bespoke web platforms. Whether he's building new systems from scratch or working on continual improvement to our existing platforms, we rely on Jeff for top-notch coding and an absolute attention to detail. 


Gareth Roberts – Camera / Editor

Gareth is at the heart of all things video at Mole. He’s our lead cameraman, manning the camera on many of our shoots – whether that’s in the studio, in a client’s office, hospital, or indeed in the middle of a field! Gareth is a CAA qualified drone pilot and relishes his role manning our aerial filming flights. Back in the office, Gareth works on edits, bringing particular expertise in audio and grading to our finished pieces. He also has the unenviable task of maintaining and managing our ever-growing fleet of video equipment!


Rebecca Kidd – Animator / Editor

Rebecca does work that’s so clever, the rest of us don’t begin to understand how she does it! Our queen of 2D and 3D animation, Rebecca can take the vaguest of briefs and turn it into a thing of great beauty. We’ve thrown medical animations, company promotions, training videos, tourism trailers, educational videos and social media campaigns at her, and noting has fazed her yet! Rebecca also happens to be one of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with – we’re all still waiting to find her hidden flaw …!


Jenny Griffiths – Finance ManAger

Jenny looks after our all-important finances. From taking care of invoicing and banking to making sure that everything is running smoothly, Jenny's the one who keeps us on the financial straight and narrow. Jenny has been with Mole almost from the very beginning - she joined us in 2002, and tells us she has never looked back!