Our 5 favourite insights from Google Analytics

Looking for some quick wins for your website? If you're short on time, focus on these five metrics to boost your site's performance.

1. Know your top converting landing pages

Drive more traffic to these pages when you're creating your social media funnels. Learn from what works - use the same format to inform how you update or create other pages.

If you;re most popular landing pages aren't the same as your top converters, take what you've learnt and change their format and style to boost their performance and get the site working really hard for you. 

2. Know which sources drive the top converting / most engaged traffic

Happy days: spend more of your marketing budget here!

3. Find the quick SEO wins

Find the search terms where you appear on page 2 and specifically work on improving these. Your site is already performing, so a short SEO boost here could have big gains. (It hopefully goes without saying that you need to make sure that these are useful search terms providing engaged and profitable traffic.)

4. Know where you are losing visitors

Find the pages with the highest bounce or exit rates. You're losing potential customers right here. Improve these pages – review the content, add more calls to action, link to other pages - or tweak the format to match your top converters.

5. Understand the different conversion rates by device

Which are your most successful devices? Do you have pages which under-convert on mobile compared with desktop? Review the user experience from the under-converting device - and upgrade it until you see better results.
Google Analytics insights
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