Using social media to maximise your exhibition presence.

We get it. Being on an exhibition stand is hard work. You’re on your feet all day and (hopefully) there’s a stream of people to talk to – and when there isn’t, all you want to do is sit down. That’s why, for many companies, popping up a couple of pictures of the team and the stand onto Twitter is about as much as you can manage.
If this is you – you’re not alone. But you are missing a trick. Social media is more and more a part of every event experience, and if you hop on board fully there’s so much to gain. Here are our top tips to make the most of your presence online.

1. Start before the day

It’s too late if you’re reading this on your stand – but if not, start work on your social presence in the weeks running up to the event. Get stuck in, be seen as an integral part of the event – and get yourself firmly on the radar before delegates arrive.

2. Be part of the buzz

Everyone likes to be part of something exciting. Join in! Don’t be ‘business as usual’ – share your build up, your behind the scenes, your sneak peeks. Use video and images, never just text.

3. Entice delegates in to visit

Give people a reason to visit. There are so many things competing for a delegate’s attention – don’t take it for granted that they’ll want to visit you. Work hard to give them a reason. Share great pictures from your stand which will show up on their feed. Active images work best – show them things they can do, try, experience and take part in. Give delegates a reason to want to get involved. And always think about what’s in it for them, not for you!
Social media

4. Make new friends and boost your followers

Share other people’s content. Everyone loves to be retweeted. Pick great posts and share them with your followers. Comment on posts and images. Congratulate speakers. Follow people who are attending – if you’ve engaged with them as well, there’s a good chance some of them will follow you back.

5. Gather some great content for after the event

It’s always great to have some content in the bag. Use the opportunity to record interviews, photograph products and capture testimonials. You’ll be glad you did!
Gather content

6. Our bonus tip …

 … make sure you get the conference hashtag right! Sounds obvious? At a recent conference, we saw at least 6 variations on the hashtag. Make sure you’re using the one that’s getting all the traffic.
Get all of this right and social media can become part of the key to your conference and exhibition success. Good luck!