Why every business needs evergreen content

Evergreen content is the marketing and educational content you put together that stands the test of time. It’s the opposite of viral content – it’s not there to burn fast and bright, but instead to work steadily and consistently for your brand. 

Why is evergreen content important?

Evergreen content forms the heart of many successful marketing strategies. It gives you the assets you need to build great digital campaigns and to keep building your relationship with your audience. 

Evergreen content returns the time you invest in it many, many times over. It keeps working hard for you long after the initial work has been forgotten. Your evergreen content builds up your brand persona online – it builds and maintains trust, positions you as the expert in your field, and works equally well for new customers and existing fans
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How to create effective evergreen content

Your evergreen content should be built around an understanding of what your audience need and want to read about. Start by thinking about problems and challenges they face – can you help to provide some simple solutions? Think about the conversations you have with (potential) customers. What do they ask most often? Where do they need an extra helping hand? Do you come across common misunderstandings or misconceptions? Which concepts do they struggle with? These are all great starting points for writing evergreen content.
Once you’ve got your topic, start thinking about the medium you want to use. Should you write a blog? Create an infographic? Create or commission a short animated explainer video? Consider how you can share the information most effectively.  From here, it’s a case of planning the structure of your piece (always tell a story, and always do it succinctly) and creating your final assets. Then you need to get sharing!
A few final pointers from us for successful evergreen content:
  • Choose useful information that isn’t time-sensitive
  • Think about search engine optimisation before you start writing. While we don’t recommend writing specifically for search engines, you can make sure that your copy is as SEO friendly as possible from the very start
  • Share on your social platforms – and don’t be afraid to share again multiple times in the future. Evergreen content doesn’t get old, and your audience will change
  • Link from newer blogs to older pieces to keep the traffic flowing
  • Make sure that it’s easy to find your blog on your website
  • Revising all your content regularly to make sure that it is still up-to-date and relevant. Update or retire pieces which are not.
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