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Digital Coach


Designed for businesses and organisations who want their digital presence to work more effectively and provide a better return on the time and money invested. Takes a detailed and analytical look at what is and isn’t working, establishes new practices and campaigns, and monitors these in order to deliver ongoing optimisation. 

Tighten up your digital efforts and see a better return


  • Audit of your digital presence (full day)
    • Website Analytics: how well is your website currently working? Where are the blocks to conversion? Design, structure, user flow, user acquisition and  behaviour
    • Search engine optimisation: current performance, target keyword research, site technical and contents review
    • Social media presence: platforms, messages, audiences. What is and isn’t working and where can improvements be made to brand positioning, messaging, scheduling, imagery and contents
  • Competitor and audience research (half day)
    • What do your competitors do well and not so well?
    • How do you benchmark within your industry?
    • Where can your target audience be found online: behaviours and patterns
  • Training workshop (full day)
    • Presenting our findings and training you on the implementation of our recommended action plan
    • Improvements and upgrades to your website
    • Search engine optimisation: practical steps to boost your rankings
    • Social media: which platforms to use, how to use them successfully. How to generate a social media calendar and message plan. Tone of voice, style of images and contents. How to build relationships and drive traffic to your website.  
    • Analytics: Understanding your audience and improving your website 
    • Using video for maximum impact
    • Planning, running and measuring digital campaigns for the next 6 months: campaign recommendations, practical steps to implementation, action plan
  • Guidebook write up (half day)
    • Personalised guidebook with your actions and guidance on how to deliver them
  • Monthly reporting and recommendations
    • Review and reporting on key metrics
    • Analytics review and optimisation recommendations
    • Review of social media campaign performance and recommendations
    • Competitor review (quarterly)
  • 6 month project look back and future planning (half day)
    • Review of actions and impact
    • Further recommendations for next 6 months
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