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Social Media Kickstart


An introduction to social media for business who know they should be doing it but don’t know where to start. Kick off with a researched plan, targeted actions and the skills and knowledge you need to maximise the return on your time.

Helping you extablish a successful social media presence
  • Market and audience research (half day)
    • Competitor research: which platforms do they use and how successfully. What messaging and styles do they use
    • Audience research: where will you find your audience online? Which platforms do they use, when and how? What messages and contents will reach them successfully>
  • Training workshop (half day)
    • Introduction to social media platforms. Our recommendations on which to use and why
    • How to use each platform most effectively
    • Tone of voice, messaging, imagery, brand positioning
    • Building relationships through social media
    • Dealing with difficult posts and messages
    • Building a social media messaging calendar
  • Guidebook write up (half day)
    • Personalised guidebook with your actions and plans and guidance on how to deliver them
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