Leading UK outplacement

Website ROI and coversion optimisation

Our client is a UK-wide leading provider of outplacement - helping organisations to support those who face career change or redundancy.

We worked alongside our client from their entry into the market, through their period as a challenger brand, and saw them become a recorgnised leading name in the field of outplacement.

During this time, we supported all of their digital activities. We are particularly proud of our work on their website. Over a two year period, we increased visitor numbers 10-fold via a targeted programme of search engine optimisation, PPC advertising and social media promotion.

At the same time we also worked on their website on a monthly basis, AB testing changes to content and navigation. Through this process, we were able to improve the number of visitors converting to live enquiries by more than 300%.
Resturn on investment
Services we provided included:
  • SEO
  • Social media planning and training
  • PPC advertising management
  • Website Analytics
  • Visitor flow review
  • Conversion optimisation
  • AB testing