Ramsbury Vodka

Crafted vodka with an English accent - single estate vodka from the ancient Wiltshire landscape

Uncap your bottle of vodka. But before you pour, stop for a moment. Close your eyes, and imagine where your vodka started life. 
Are you picturing the frozen lands of Russia, or the bleak beauty of Scandinavia? Well, for one of the UK's finest vodkas, try again.

Ramsbury Vodka is born and made on the Ramsbury estate, nestled in the hills in our beautiful corner of Wiltshire. We were privileged to work with Ramsbury from the very beginning to film the process of building, setting up and opening the distillery.

The Ramsbury Estate is a beautiful place to film, and we particularly enjoyed getting the drone up to capture some stunning aerial footage of the rolling hills and chalk downland.

Last time we checked, the video had been watched more than 11,000 times on Facebook. 
Ramsbury aerial footage

"High-end production values matching a boutique product"

Project included:

  • Filming the build over the course of a year
  • Aerial filming of the estate
  • Interviews with team members
  • High-end edit
Ramsbury Filming