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Wadworth's shire horses are a much-loved part of the market town of Devizes, and their beer is renowned throughout the south west. Wadworth also manage 240 pubs throughout the south west, and came to us looking for an innovative approach to team training for their many bar staff.

Together we devised a training video designed to entertain, engage, and stimulate thought, getting behind the thinking needed to create magical customer experiences. Great acting skills were found among Wadworth's local teams, and some funky "Sherlock" style graphics gave the whole thing a stylish hook. 

Feedback has been excellent and we've enjoyed working with Wadworth on many other projects since, including a company film and videos for their awards evenings.

The training video took 5 days to shoot - we wouldn't want to upset our other clients, but 5 days in a pub has to rank up among our favourite jobs to date!
Wadworth company filming

"An innovative scripting and editing approach to create a company training video people would actually enjoy watching"

Project included:

  • Content planning and script writing
  • Engaging and directing actors
  • Multiple days shooting on location
  • Graphic design
  • 2D animation
  • Editing
Wadworth company video