Live event video production

Providing multi-camera filming, production and streaming for your event in HD, UltraHD and 4K.

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We provide all the equipment, camera crews and advice you need to bring your event to a live audience. From single camera crews to multi-camera live event streaming, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Feed all the camera and A/V feeds through to our state-of-the-art portable production unit (PPU), and output to the conference set, large screens around the venue, or to an online audience. Mix in live or pre-recorded graphics and videos, as well as PowerPoint slides and captions to put the finishing touches to your event.

To get technical, we can take in up to 20 x HD, UltraHD and 4K feeds, via SDI and HDMI, live mix sources, chroma key, add downstream keys, export isolated, pre-mix, mix and post-mix feeds to HD and 4K simultaneously. We'll also record multi outputs in full resolution, as well as low resolution 720/1080 HD for streaming and quick edits.

Add to this on-site editing, graphics and animation means you can have quick turnaround versions of all your presentations or a highlights video.

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Portable production unit for live event filming
Live streaming


You've spent months (if not years) planning every moment of your event so why limit your audience to those who could make it to the venue. Live stream your presentations and speakers into the homes and offices where you can maximise your audience.

Our web team can host your webcast registration system for you and handle questions coming in from your remote audience.

All of this of course comes with a full user analysis and statistics package so you can assess your audience's participation and engagement.

The techie bit: stream directly to your website, via YouTube, Facebook or any number of platforms or websites at a mixture of resolutions to match the bandwidth of your users.
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