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E-learning systems and contents

E-learning has brought about a genuine revolution in education. Online learning opens up new worlds and has the power to transform lives.

We’ve been passionate about the power of online learning for more than a decade now, and have loved watching the results our clients have been able to achieve as they bring knowledge and skill to their customers, members and staff.

E-learning strategy

Sadly, e-learning sometimes gets a bad name. Done without thought and expertise, it can become little more than a box-ticking exercise, with bland and uninspiring content leaving learners cold.

That’s not the Mole way! Done well, e-learning is exciting, engaging, and genuinely transformative. We believe strongly that well-planned and executed online learning is a thing of beauty. We work with organisations and businesses to create strategies for e-learning systems and contents, planning delivery, support, learning styles, and how to ensure that the learning will be effective.

Big promises? Perhaps – but with more than 15 years’ experience of creating fabulous e-learning packages, and the academic rigour of an MSc in E-learning alongside, we think we can more than fulfil this promise.

E-learning contents

Mole works with clients to turn e-learning contents into engaging and exciting experiences. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive service or just one step of the process, we can plan, research, write, design and build contents. Interactive animations, video clips, cutting-edge assessment techniques – we’re proud of the ways we bring complex topics to life.

E-learning platforms

In response to customer demand, we have developed our own LMS (learning management system). Our platform is designed to be sophisticated in its options but simple for the learner to use. Delivering contents, assessments, certification and feedback, it offers all the elements you will need to run successful e-learning programmes online. 

E-learning systems and contents development
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